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Price: [Sold out]900,000JPY
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[Sold out]K5-Myochin Munemasa Tetsu Sabiji 18ken Suji Kabuto+Tetsu Sabiji Ressei Menpo (EDO) K5-在銘:明珍宗正 鉄錆地十八間筋兜 +鉄錆地烈勢面頬 (江戸期)
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Trade name: Myochin Munemasa Tetsu Sabiji 18ken Suji Kabuto Tetsu Sabiji Ressei Menpo


Material: iron

Introduction: iron is very good. The workmanship is superb. Menpo and Kabuto are a primitive set. They come from the same author. Author name: myochin munemasa.
The author's signature is on the inside of Kabuto and on the bottom of menpo. The shape of Kabuto is made in imitation of its ancestor, munesuke. Menpo has the folds of uchidashi and a long chin.

Goods do not include wooden stents

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