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Price: 900,000JPY
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K6-Myochn yoshitsugu Tetsu Sabiji 62KEN Suji Kabuto (muromachi-edo) K6-在銘:明珍義次 鉄錆地62間筋兜 面付(室町末期-江戸期)
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Product Name: Myochi yoshitsugu Tetsu Sabiji 62KEN Suji Kabuto


Material: iron

Introduction: Muromachi's late practical grid type Bachi, Shikoro, was repaired and reused during th Edo period. Bachi may have been cleaned during the Edo period, so its condition is very good. Hukigaeshi has a family pattern on it, Kabuto has the author's signature inside, Myochi yoshitsugu, Moromachi era - Edo era all have this author's signature Kabuto.

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