Japanese Samurai Armor (YOROI); Samurai Helmet(KABUTO) ; Samurai Mask(MENPO) ;Buddhist art:Other World Antiques for Sale and Purchase
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              Payment method ( domestic )1: cash payment   2: bank transfer  3: Network Bank      ( International )  1:Bank transfer   2:PAYPAL network payment    3: Western Union
              Mode of transport  ( domestic )1: local50kilometers can deliver    2: talk to the arbitrary choice of logistics     ( International )   1:EMS2:EMS can not reach the national international transport. Will choose other transportation companies
             Deliver goods  Buyers in the payment after 5 days. We will package and use EMS international express mail sent.
             お支払い  (日本国内)1:銀行振込 2:代金引換     (国外)1:銀行振込 2:PAYPAL
             発送方法  (日本国内)1:ヤマト運輸 2:佐川急便      (国外)1:EMS 2:国際小包(航空、SAL)
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